How it works

Your road to recovery and wellness is just a few taps away. Let us show you how.


Download the App & sign up

Download the WhiteCoat App, create and log in to your secure account and you are almost ready to go.


Tell us who is seeing the doctor today

You can use WhiteCoat for yourself or your young ones from the comfort of your home.


Tell us what’s ailing you or your child

We will guide you through some straightforward questions about your or your child's symptoms and allergies etc. so that our doctors can better assist you or your child.


Select or have a doctor assigned to you

You may select to see any doctor of your choice from our team of doctors available online or have one of them assigned to you. All our doctors are registered with the Singapore Medical Council and selected by our credentialing panel comprising distinguished healthcare practitioners.


Consult with your doctor

Begin your consult to discuss your health concerns with your doctor. Your doctor will diagnose and provide a treatment plan right away. If a medical certificate or referral letter is medically required, an e-copy will be sent to you.


Have your medication delivered

All medication prescribed by your doctor will be delivered straight to your doorstep.


See your consultation summary

WhiteCoat helps you keep track of each consult should you need to review your diagnosis, prescription and/or other medical documents.