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Choose from a wide range of health services provided by our team of dedicated Singapore-registered doctors.

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Video consult with our doctors at your convenience.

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Have specific queries that require more in-depth discussion? We’ll refer you to a specialist we trust.

Chronic Medication Top-up

Continue care for chronic illnesses you may have, and obtain medication refills for your needs. Never miss a day of care again.

Sexual Health Advice

Our doctors handle sexual health issues with sensitivity and discretion. We’re here for you, when you need us.

Travel Medication Advice

Going overseas soon and need a travel medication kit or advice regarding vaccinations? We’ve got your back.

Laboratory Results Review

Ever wondered what your labs are telling you? We’ll figure out next steps together with wellness and prevention as our common goal.

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27 September 2018

Rethinking The Importance of Vaccines

Vaccination is the use of biological preparations that provide active acquired immunity to specific infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, such as tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough). Vaccines are usually given to children early because they are especially vulnerable to such diseases when they are young. Amongst Singaporeans, the earliest and most common experience […]

11 September 2018

What’s the Buzz about Mozzie Bite Prevention?

Dealing with mosquitoes can be quite a hassle not only because they get under your skin when they bite (pun intended!), but they also have the ability to transmit diseases which may be life-threatening. In case you are itching to know how to deal with them pesky mozzies during your next vacation, hiking trip or […]

31 August 2018

5 Reasons To Consider Telemedicine

Telemedicine has radically changed how people think about and receive medical care. Indeed, the notion of being able to consult a doctor on-demand via your smart phone would not have been imaginable just years ago. However, digital healthcare providers are now a reality in Singapore, and telemedicine is set to feature prominently in the healthcare […]

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