Why drinking water is important for health

Drinking water – or rather, drinking sufficient water – is essential to one’s health. However, what exactly is ‘sufficient water’? Well, the general rule of thumb suggests a minimum of 8 glasses of water (237ml/glass) for optimal performance. 

With that said, everyone has different physical conditions and needs. So, don’t be afraid to drink more water, especially if you have an intense HIIT workout scheduled.

Not convinced? Read on for four science backed benefits of drinking enough water to help spur you on and finish the day strong!

Aids physical performance

Dehydration can affect your physical performance. Even as little as a 2% loss in water weight has noticeable effects on the body and mind, such as increased fatigue and lack of motivation! 

This is because 80% of our muscles are made up of water. Therefore, staying hydrated can help to reduce oxidative stress, restore muscle tissues and help you push on for that final rep at the end of a workout session. 

Reduces the chances of headaches

Many studies suggest that a probable cause for headaches in individuals is dehydration. Although more comprehensive and thorough research is needed to prove this relationship, most results point to the same conclusion. Drinking more water can only help your chances in curing that nagging headache. 

Boosts energy levels and optimises brain function

Mild dehydration can also inhibit multiple functions in the brain. Studies have pointed towards dehydration as being detrimental to memory recall. Also, it can impair your mood and affect one’s emotions. It is important to stay hydrated for heightened energy levels and facilitate optimal mental performance.

Aids in bowel movement

Are you suffering from irregular bowel movement? If so, this is even more reason to reach for a glass of water, as increasing your water intake is recommended for people suffering from constipation. Significantly, chugging mineral water could help to induce more frequent trips to the toilet. This is because studies have shown that its rich contents of magnesium and sodium can improve bowel movement frequency and consistency.

In this article, we’ve explained how dehydration is detrimental to multiple daily body functions. Quenching your thirst and making sure that you get your daily water intake will only benefit your mental and physical performance in the long run. Have you fulfilled your water quota for the day?

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