Health Benefits in Your Cup of Morning Coffee

What do you call a sad cup of coffee?

A Depresso.

Unfortunately, that’s some of us when we don’t have our daily cup of coffee.

Over one billion people all over the world drink coffee daily, and for good reason. This yummy drink, when enjoyed in moderation, actually provides proven health benefits that can bring about positive change in your lifestyle! Let’s look at four different health benefits of coffee consumption.

Boosts brain function

Coffee health benefits - boosts brain performance

Coffee is the go-to drink for people who require a boost of caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the brain, thereby reducing the onset of tiredness and helps to keep you focused throughout the day!

However, try not to go beyond a daily cup of coffee, to prevent developing a physical reliance on caffeine. One of the most telltale signs of caffeine dependency is an inability to perform daily activities without caffeine, and experiencing symptoms such as headaches, lethargy, and even mood swings. 

As with all good things, moderation is key.

Aids in weight loss

Coffee health benefits - aids weight loss

Caffeine has also been shown to increase metabolic rates by 3-11%

This means it accelerates the rate at which your body breaks down fat which can help one to lose weight. This is why you see caffeine as the main ingredient in almost every commercial fat-burning supplement out there.

Does this mean you can just drink coffee and not exercise? Sadly, no. Caffeine should not be the sole component in your weight management regime; regular exercise and proper diet are still fundamentally important in maintaining your ideal weight for a healthy body.

Improves Physical Performance

Coffee health benefits - boosts physical activity

The caffeine in coffee stimulates your nervous system and signals your body to break down more body fats for fuel and increases adrenaline in your bloodstream. Studies show that it also helps prepare your body for strenuous activity and can improve physical performance. Ready for a cup of coffee before your morning hike?

Lowers risk of certain diseases

Coffee health benefits - lowers risk of certain diseases

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are the two most common neurodegenerative diseases in the world. Studies show that regular consumption of caffeine-rich coffee maximises brain and cognitive function, which can lower the onset of these diseases by up to 60%!

While coffee has undeniable health benefits, sometimes, caffeine may not be the answer to your problems. If you’re feeling unwell and require medical attention, teleconsult a GP on the WhiteCoat app to skip the clinic queue and avoid unnecessary contact with other individuals. Click here for more information on our GP teleconsult service, or click here to go back to the blog.