NEW on WhiteCoat: Home Based Health Screening

With the heightened COVID-19 measures in place, WhiteCoat is now offering Home Based Health Screening as a supplement to its current suite of services. This new solution is convenient and appropriate for those who wish to minimise interaction with other individuals.

Wondering how make a booking for Home Base Health Screening? Here is a step by step guide on how to get started!


Health Screening Registration



First, log in to the WhiteCoat app. Select “General Practitioner” and select an appropriate profile to proceed. If you are covered under AIA corporate insurance, select your AIA profile to enjoy preferred AIA rates.

Select “See the next available doctor” and skip the following screens. Now, hang on while we connect you to a WhiteCoat GP within the shortest time possible.

Selection & Payment 

Once connected with our doctor, indicate the package desired. You may view our list of available packages here

Do note that the teleconsult to purchase a Home Based Health Screening is complimentary and will be waived by the doctor. If you are a corporate user, please also be assured that the teleconsult will not affect your visit balance with WhiteCoat.



The doctor will then proceed to prescribe the package selected and it will appear in your medications list.

After the teleconsult, complete the payment steps to confirm your booking.


Date and Time Selection

After the in-app payment, a health screening personnel will be in touch with you via phone within 2 working days to confirm your preferred date and time for your screening. A confirmation email will be sent to you thereafter.

A reminder via call or SMS will also be given on the day before your screening.


Health Screening and Review

On the appointment date, a health screening personnel will arrive at your home at your indicated time to conduct the health screening.

When the test results are ready for viewing, an email and push notification will be sent to you.



Then, simply enter the WhiteCoat app, tap “MORE” on the tab below, followed by “Lab Reports/ Vaccination History” to view your results.


Unsure of your results mean? If you’ve completed a screening with WhiteCoat, you’re also entitled to a complimentary teleconsult review of your results with a WhiteCoat GP.

Select “Discuss Your Results With A Doctor Now”, followed by “General Practitioner” and your appropriate profile to begin your teleconsult.

That’s it! Follow these simple steps to book your Home Based Health Screening with WhiteCoat. Click here to find out more about the packages we offer.